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Rod Atlapets - Atlapetes


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Kingdom animalia
Scientific name Atlapetes
Higher classification American Sparrows
Order passerine
Family emberizidae
Phylum chordata
Rank Genus

Lower classifications Yellow ‑ breasted brush finch, White ‑ naped brush finch, Slaty brush finch, Pale ‑ headed brush finch, Pale ‑ naped brush finch

Choco endemics birds choco brush finch atlapetes crassus cerro montezuma tatama

Atlapetes is a genus of bird in the Emberizidae family. Along with the genus Buarremon they comprise the brush finches.


  • Choco endemics birds choco brush finch atlapetes crassus cerro montezuma tatama
  • Endemic yellow headed brush finch atlapetes flaviceps bogota birding
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It contains the following species:

  • White-naped brush finch, Atlapetes albinucha
  • Pale-naped brush finch, Atlapetes pallidinucha
  • Bolivian brush finch, Atlapetes rufinucha
  • Gray-eared brush finch, Atlapetes melanolaemus
  • Yellow-breasted brush finch, Atlapetes latinuchus
  • White-rimmed brush finch, Atlapetes leucopis
  • Rufous-capped brush finch, Atlapetes pileatus
  • Santa Marta brush finch, Atlapetes melanocephalus
  • Yellow-headed brush finch, Atlapetes flaviceps
  • Dusky-headed brush finch, Atlapetes fuscoolivaceus
  • Tricolored brush finch, Atlapetes tricolor
  • Moustached brush finch, Atlapetes albofrenatus
  • Slaty brush finch, Atlapetes schistaceus
  • Cuzco brush finch, Atlapetes canigenis
  • Bay-crowned brush finch, Atlapetes seebohmi
  • Rusty-bellied brush finch, Atlapetes nationi
  • White-winged brush finch, Atlapetes leucopterus
  • White-headed brush finch, Atlapetes albiceps
  • Pale-headed brush finch, Atlapetes pallidiceps
  • Rufous-eared brush finch, Atlapetes rufigenis
  • Black-spectacled brush finch, Atlapetes melanopsis
  • Apurímac brush finch, Atlapetes forbesi
  • Ocher-breasted brush finch, Atlapetes semirufus
  • Fulvous-headed brush finch, Atlapetes fulviceps
  • Tepui brush finch, Atlapetes personatus
  • Yellow-striped brush finch, Atlapetes citrinellus
  • Vilcabamba brush finch, Atlapetes terborghi
  • Antioquia brush finch, Atlapetes blancae

    Rod of Atlapeta

    Genus Atlapeta - Atlapetes.

    A new species of birds, previously unknown to science, was discovered in Colombia: the Yarig atlapeta, Atlapetes latinuchus yariguierum. The bird with bright yellow plumage and orange crest, which lives in the rainforests of the Andes, was named after the Yarigyes tribe, which once inhabited this mountainous area. According to legend, the Indians of this tribe committed suicide in order not to fall into submission to the Spanish conquistadors.

    The Colombian authorities hope to save the bird from a similar fate: the discovery of scientists, the message about which was published in the bulletin of the British Birdwatching Club, contributed to the fact that the government of the country decided to allocate 200 hectares of rainforest, where Atlapeta lives, to create a national park.

    The bird, discovered by scientists, lives only in the Andes, and researchers believe that it needs protection in order not to be included in the list of more than a hundred bird species that are threatened with extinction in this country. One of the two birds caught by the scientists was released unharmed after they took photos and took a DNA sample, and the other died in captivity.

    The bird can be distinguished from its closest relatives by the black back and the absence of white spots on the wings. “Atlapeta lives in the underexplored rainforests that remain in that area. They are teeming with a variety of animal and plant species that are still unknown to science, ”says Camila Gomez of Colombia's environmental group ProAves.