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Yellow-throated Iridosornia / Iridosornis analis


Yellow-throated iridosornia

They live in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. They have not yet been found in Bolivia, although their presence in this country is likely. The natural habitat is subtropical or tropical humid mountain forests.

Golden-headed iridosornia

They are pretty quiet birds. They emit high, subtle siiip sounds as well as short tsit sounds.

Collar iridosornia

Collar iridosornia is a species of birds from the tanager family. They live in Bolivia and Peru. There are two subspecies. The specific epithet was assigned, apparently, in honor of the Russian zoologist Konstantin Mikhailovich Yelsky.

Purple iridosornia

Purple iridosornia is a species of bird from the tanager family. A close relative of Iridosornis analis, sometimes it is considered the same species.

Iole cacharensis

Iole cacharensis is a species of songbirds of the Bulbul family. Until 2017, it was considered a subspecies of Iole viridescens. The name of the bird comes from Kachara, a district in the Indian state of Assam, located in the east of the country. No subspecies are distinguished.

Iole crypta

They live in the southeast of Myanmar, southwest of Thailand, on the Malacca Peninsula, in Singapore, Sumatra and the nearest islands in the territory of Indonesia. They live in evergreen forests, plains and mountains at altitudes up to 825 meters. Also survives in deforested forests.

Iole charlottae

The brown-bellied eastern bulbul is a species of songbirds from the bulbul family. There are two subspecies.

Iole palawanensis

Poorly understood, it is a collection of crude, simple signals including chirrup, chirrup-chi, and chip.

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Collar iridosornia Birds.

Bird lovers. Actions. Complain. Collar iridosornia Golden collared tanager lat. Iridosornis jelskii. Entries by tag Voices of Birds Bird Lovers VKontakte. Golden-headed: Golden-headed iridosornia, yellow-capped tanager Collared desert iguana - Crotaphytus collaris. Collar kalamaria translation from Latin into all languages. Iridosornia. itagin. ifrit. yora. boar. cabeson. kagu. pipilo goose, collar. pipra. pipreida. piprite. piranga. pyrenees. pyrope.


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